Visitors(External Users)

Eligible Users

The Shinanomachi Media Center is staffed and funded to serve the scholarly needs of Keio University medical, nursing, and related staff. As a courtesy, the Media Center makes its collection available to other users.
You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the Media Center.

Eligible for stack access or copying library materials (not permitted to borrow)

Medical researchers, health care providers, university faculty, staff, and students,
civil servants, nonprofit staff, lawyers and law firm staff

Eligible for stack access (not permitted to copy library materials)

Anyone not listed above who has valid identification (employee ID, insurance card stating employer, etc.)
Those wishing to make copies are asked to make arrangements with another library.

※Anyone not listed above is asked to visit a public library or university library that is open to the public.

Required Documentation

You must have valid identification to enter the Media Center. Your ID will be checked at the entrance.
Students are required to bring a referral letter issued by their university library in addition to ID.

Archived Materials

  • Use KOSMOS to confirm whether the library has the materials you are looking for.
    Older materials may be stored at the Yamanaka Book Depository. 
  • The location of older medical journals (Fujikawa Bunko, Ishiguro Bunko, etc.) are listed in the Koisho Mokuroku (Catalog of Historical Collections), Revised Edition (Keio University Medical Media Center, 1994). If your local library does not have a copy, there is one available at the Media Center.

Copy Services

Copies must be made by media center staff.

Price (per copy)
Affiliation Black and White Color Microforms
Waseda University faculty, staff and students 30 yen 100 yen 30 yen
Medical researchers, health care providers, university faculty, staff, and students, civil servants and nonprofit staff

55 yen

200 yen

60 yen
Lawyers and law firm staff 100 yen 300 yen 120 yen
Others N/A N/A N/A


External users are not allowed to access the media center’s e-resources, however access is available at certain public libraries.

Here are some examples of databases and where they can be accessed from (as of May 2011). Please contact each library directly to confirm details.

■Ichushu-Web: National Diet Library, Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library, and others
■PubMed: Off-campus access available through the PubMed website.
■JDream: National Diet Library, Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library, Tokyo Women’s Medical University Karada Johokan (Health Care Archive)
■Web of Knowledge: National Diet Library
■Journal Citation Reports (Impact Factor): National Diet Library

Reference Services

Please visit the reference desk (weekdays 8:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) for help with the following inquiries:
■“I’d like to know more about how to search for materials.”
■ “Do you have any books on __________?”
■“Do you have any theses on __________?”
※ The Media Center does not offer medical consultations of any kind.
Reference requests made by phone, fax, and email are limited to 
Contact Information (open weekdays 8:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

Yamanaka Book Depository Requests

Older materials may be stored at the Yamanaka Book Depository. Use KOSMOS to confirm the location of the materials you are looking for. If you know the specific passage you’re looking for you can request a copy, or if you need an entire volume you can request to borrow the item.

How To Make A Request
Making a request by phone, fax, or email is recommended.
Requests made at the library will be processed at a later date.
Wait Time 7 to 10 days
Fee None
Contact Circulation Services

Other Libraries and Information Services

Please contact each institution directly to confirm details.

Institutions with Walk-In Access
Institutions with Walk-In Copy Services

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