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Lung Cancer International (2011-) (PMC)
Lung Cancer International (2012-) (ProQuest Health & Medical Collection)
Lung Cancer : Target and Therapy (2010-)
Lung Cancer: Targets and Therapy (2010-) (PMC)
Lung Cancer : Targets and Therapy (2010-) (DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals)
Lung India (2004-) (DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals)
Lung India (2008-) (ProQuest Health & Medical Collection)
Lung India : Official Organ of Indian Chest Society (2008-) (PMC)
The Lung Perspectives (1998-) (Medical Online)
Lupus (1998-) (EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier)
Lupus (1999-) (Sage Journals Online)
Lupus (1998-2015) (ProQuest Health & Medical Collection)
Lupus (1998-) (EBSCOhost)
Lupus Science & Medicine (2014-) (BMJ Publishing Group)
Lupus Science & Medicine (2014-) (PMC)
Lupus Science and Medicine (2014-) (DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals)
Lupus Science & Medicine (2014-) (ProQuest Health & Medical Collection)
Luso-Brazilian Review (1997-) (with a delay of 12 months) (EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier)
ルーテル学院研究紀要 : テオロギア・ディアコニア (2005-2010) (Freely Accessible Japanese Titles)
LWT - Food Science and Technology (1993-) (ScienceDirect)
リンパ浮腫管理の研究と実践 (2013-2016) (Medical Online)
リンパ学 (2004-) (Medical Online)
Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemias (2009-) (ProQuest Health & Medical Collection)
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