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Applications of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology (Focus on Biotechnology v.8B) (SpringerLink)
Applied Bioinformatics / Paul M. Selzer et al. (SpringerLink)
Applied Mixed Models in Medicine 2nd ed. / Helen Brown & Robin Prescott (Wiley)
Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine / Michael R. Pinsky et al. (SpringerLink)
Applied Statistical Genetics with R; For Population-based Association Studies (SpringerLink)
Applying Psychology to Criminal Justice (Wiley)
Applying Quality Management in Healthcare; A System Approach 2nd ed. / Diane L. Kelly (EBSCOhost)
Applying Quality Management in Healthcare; A Process for Improvement / Diane L. Kelly (EBSCOhost)
The Aptamer Handbook; functional Oligonucleotides and TheirnApplications (Wiley)
Aquaporins (ProQuest Ebook Central)
Aquaporins (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology v.190) (SpringerLink)
Arabidopsis (CSH Monograph vol.27) (Cold Spring Harbor)
Aromatase Inhibitors 2nd ed.(Milestones in Drug Therapy) (SpringerLink)
Aromatase Inhibitors (Milestones in Drug Therapy) (SpringerLink)
Arrhythmia Essentials/Olshansky, Brian 2nd ed. 2017 (ClinicalKey)
Arrhythmias in Adult Congenital Heart Disease/Balaji, Seshadri 1st ed. 2019 (ClinicalKey)
The Art of Drug Sysnthesis / Douglas S. Johnson & Jie Jack Li (Wiley)
Arterial Chemoreceptors (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Immuology v.580) (SpringerLink)
Arterial Chemoreceptors (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Immuology v.684) (SpringerLink)
Arthritis and Allied Conditions : a Textbook of Rheumatology. 15th ed. / William J. Koopman, Larry W. Moreland (LWW) (Books@OVID) *要LOGOFF
Arthritis & Arthroplasty: The Foot and Ankle/Conti, Stephen (ClinicalKey)
Arthritis & Arthroplasty: The Hand, Wrist and Elbow/Pettrone, Sarah et al. (ClinicalKey)
Arthritis and Arthroplasty: The Hip/Hull, Jason R. (ClinicalKey)
Arthritis and Arthroplasty: The Knee/Springer, Bryan D. (ClinicalKey)
Arthritis and Arthroplasty: The Shoulder/Chan, Danny P & McCann, Peter D. (ClinicalKey)
Arthritis & Arthroplasty: The Spine/Macadaeg, Kevin et al. (ClinicalKey)
Arthritis in Black and White/Brower, Anne C. 3rd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Arthritis in Color: Advanced Imaging of Arthritis/Biswal, Sandip (ClinicalKey)
Arthroscopic and Endoscopic Spinal Surgery; Text and Atlas / Parviz Kambin (SpringerLink)
Artificial Oxygen Carrier; Its Front Line / Koichi Kobayashi et al. (Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine v.12) (SpringerLink)
Ascites, Hyponatremia and Hepatorenal Syndrome: Progress in Treatment (Frontiers of Gastrointestinal Research ; v.28) (Karger)
ASE's Comprehensive Echocardiography / Roberto M. Lang et al. 2nd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Ashcraft’s Pediatric Surgery/Holcomb, George 6th ed. (ClinicalKey)
Aspergillosis; From diagnosis to Prevention (SpringerLink)
Aspergillus fumigatus (Contributions to Microbiology ; v.2) (Karger)
Assess Notes; Nursing Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning Davis's Notes / Marjory Gordon (EBSCOhost)
Assessing Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Health / Sana Loue (SpringerLink)
Assessment and Culture (ScienceDirect)
Assessment of Oral Health (Monographs in Oral Science ; v.17) (Karger)
Assessment and Therapy (ScienceDirect)
Assisted Ventilation of the Neonate/Goldsmith, Jay 6th ed. 2017 (ClinicalKey)
Asthma Care in the Community / Jill Waldron (EBSCOhost)
Asthma and COPD: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management/Barnes, Peter J. & Thomson, Neil C. 2nd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Asthma: Social and Psychological Factors and Psychosomatic Syndromes (Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine ; v.24) (Karger)
Astrocytes in (Patho)Physiology of the Nervous System / Vladimir Parpura et al. (SpringerLink)
Asymmetric Cell Division (Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology v.45) (SpringerLink)
Atherosclerosis, Large Arteries and Cardiovascular Risk (Advances in Cardiology ; v. 44) (Karger)
Atherosclerosis; Diet and Drugs (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology v.170) (SpringerLink)
Athlete's Shoulder, The/Snyder, Stephen J. & Bond, James L. 2nd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Atlas of 3D Echocardiography: Expert Consult - Online and Print/Jenkins, Carly (ClinicalKey)

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