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Histone Deacetylases; Transcriptional Regulation and Other Cellular Functions / Eric Verdin (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development) (SpringerLink)
Homing Endonucleases and Inteins / Martene Belfort et al. (Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology v.16) (SpringerLink)
Hormonal Control of Cell Cycle / Shlomo Melmed et al. (Research and Perspectives in Endocrine Interactions) (SpringerLink)
Hot Topics in Neural Membrane Lipidology / Akhlaq A. Farooqui (SpringerLink)
Hox Gene Expression / Spyros Papgeorgiou (SpringerLink)
Hox Genes; Studies from the 20th to the 21st Century / Jean S. Deutsch (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology v.689) (SpringerLink)
Human Adult Stem Cells / John R. Masters et al. (Human Cell Culture v.7) (SpringerLink)
Human Biochemistry/Litwack, Gerald 1st ed. 2018 (ClinicalKey)
Embryonic Stem Cells / John R. Masters et al. (Human Cell Culture v.6) (SpringerLink)
Human Embryonic Stem Cells; The Practical Handbook / Stephen Sullivan et al. (Wiley)
Human Mitochondrial DNA and the Evolution of Homo sapiens / Hans-Jurgen Bandelt et al. (Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology v.18) (SpringerLink)
遺伝的プログラミング / 伊庭斉志 (EBSCOhost)
Immunological Synapse / Takashi Saito and Facundo D. Batista (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology v.297) (SpringerLink)
The Influence of Genetics on Contemporary Thinking / Anne Fagot-Largeault et al. (Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science v.6) (SpringerLink)
Inhibitors of Cyclin-dependent Kinases As Anti-tumor Agents / Paul J. Smith & Eddy W. Yue (CRC Enzyme Inhibitors Series) (EBSCOhost)
Inhibitors of Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphates (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology v.167) (SpringerLink)
Innovations in Chemical Biology / Bilge Sener (SpringerLink)
Insights into Receptor Function and New Drug Development Targets / Michael Conn et al. (Research and Perspectives in Endocrine Interactions) (SpringerLink)
Integrated Biochips for DNA Analysis / Robin Hui et al. (Biotechnology Intelligence Unit) (SpringerLink)
Integrins and Ion Channels; Molecular Complexes and Signaling / andrea Becchetti et al. (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology v.674) (SpringerLink)
Intelligent Bioinformatics : the application of artificial intelligence techniques to bioinformatics problems / Edward Keedwell, Ajit Narayanan (Wiley)
Intercellular Signaling in Development and Disease/ Ralph A. Bradsaw & Edward A. Dennis (ClinicalKey)
Intermediate Filaments / Jesus M. Paramio (SpringerLink)
Intramembrane-Cleaving Proteases (I-CliPs) / Nigel M. Hooper et al. (Proteases in Biology and Disease v.6) (SpringerLink)
Intraspecific Genetic Diversity; Monitoring, Conservation, and Management / Yuri P. Altukhov (SpringerLink)
Introduction to Computational Biology; An Evolutionary Approach / Bernhard Haubold et al. (SpringerLink)
Introduction to Proteomics: Principles and Applications / N.C. Mishra (Methods of Biochemical Analysis v.146) (EBSCOhost)
Introduction to Systems Biology / Sangdun Choi (SpringerLink)
Ion Channels : From Atomic Resolution Physiology to Functional Genomics / editors, Gregory Bock and Jamie A. Goode (Novartis Foundation Symposia ; 245) (Wiley)
Java for bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications / Harshawardhan Bal and Johnny Hujol (SpringerLink)
The Kinetochore; From Molecular Discoveries to Cancer Therapy (SpringerLink)
Lipid A in Cancer Therapy / Jean-Francois Jeannin (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology v.667) (SpringerLink)
Lipid Metabolism and Membrane Biogenesis (Topics in Current Genetics v.6) (SpringerLink)
Lipids in Healt Disease / Peter J. Quinn et al. (Subcellular Biochemistry g.49) (SpringerLink)
Lysosomes / Paul Saftig (Medical Intelligence Unit) (SpringerLink)
Macro Roles for MicroRNAs in the Life and Death of Neurons / Bart De Strooper et al. (Research and Perspectives in Neurosciences) (SpringerLink)
Mammalian and Avian Transgenesis ; New approaches / Shirley Pease et al. (Principles and Practice) (SpringerLink)
Mammalian TRP Channels as Molecular Targets (Novartis Foundation Symposia ; 258) (Wiley)
Mathematics for Neuroscientists / Fabrizio Gabbiani & Steven J. Cox (ScienceDirect)
Matrix Metalloproteinases in Tissue Remodelling and Inflammation / Vincent Lagente et al. (Progress in Inflammation Research) (SpringerLink)
Mechanisms and Significance of Cell Volume Regulation (Contributions to Nephrology ; vol.152) (Karger)
Mechanosensitive Ion Channels / Andre Kamkin and Irina Kiseleva (Mechanosensitivity in Clls and Tissues v.1) (SpringerLink)
Medical Biochemistry/Baynes, John 5th ed. 2019 (ClinicalKey)
Medical Biochemistry/Baynes, John 4th ed. (ClinicalKey)
Meiosis (Genome Dynamics ; vol.5) (Karger)
Metabolic Issues of Clinical Nutrition (Nestle Nutrition Workshop Series: Clinical & Performance Program ; v.9) (Karger)
Metabolic Regulation: a Human Perspective 3rd ed. / K. N. Frayn (EBSCOhost)
Metabolomics; A powerful Tool in systems Biology (Topics in Current Genetics v.18) (SpringerLink)
Metals in Biology; applications of High-Resolution EPR to Metalloenzymes (biological Magnetic Resonance v.29) (SpringerLink)
Methods of Microarray Data Analysis V / Patrick McConnell et al. (SpringerLink)

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