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Pathology of the Female Reproductive Tract / Mutter, George 3rd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Pediatric Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction; Diagnosis, Treatment, Long-Term Follow-up / Ciro Esposito et al. (SpringerLink)
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction; A Multidisciplinary Approach / G. Willy Davila et al. (SpringerLink)
Penn Clinical Manual of Urology/Hanno, Philip 2nd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Percutaneous Surgery of the Upper Urinary Tract/Geavlete, Petri?or 1st ed. 2016 (ClinicalKey)
Peritoneal Dialysis - From Basic Concepts to Clinical Excellence (Contributions to Nephrology ; vol.163) (Karger)
Peritoneal Dialysis - State-of-the-Art 2012 (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.178) (Karger)
Peritoneal Dialysis Today (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.140) (Karger)
Peritoneal Dialysis: A Clinical Update15th International Course on Peritoneal Dialysis, Vicenza, May-June 2006 (Contributions to Nephrology ; vol.150) (Karger)
Pharmacokinetics of Selected Antibacterial Agents (Antibiotics and Chemotherapy ; v.49) (Karger)
Pocket Companion to Brenner & Rector's The Kidney/Clarkson, Michael R. 8th ed. (ClinicalKey)
Polyethersulfone: Membranes for Multiple Clinical Applications (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.138) (Karger)
Polymethylmethacrylate (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.125) (Karger)
Practical Renal Pathology, A Diagnostic Approach/Lager, Donna J. (ClinicalKey)
Prenatal Testosterone in Mind / Simon Baron-Cohen et al. (MITCogNet)
Prostate Cancer/Mydlo, Jack 2nd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Proteomics in Nephrology : Towards Clinical Applications / volume editor, Visith Thongboonkerd (Contributions to Nephrology, v. 160) (Karger)
Proteomics in Nephrology (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.141) (Karger)
Proteomics of Spermatogenesis / G. S. Gupta (SpringerLink)
Rare Kidney Diseases (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.136) (Karger)
Regenerative Nephrology/Monge, Matthieu et al. (ClinicalKey)
Regulation of Sertoli Cell and Germ Cell Differentation (Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology v.181) (SpringerLink)
Renal and Electrolyte Disorders 8th ed. 2017 (Books@OVID)
Renal Fibrosis (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.139) (Karger)
Renal Physiology/Koeppen, Bruce M. 5th ed. (ClinicalKey)
Renal Physiology/Koeppen, Bruce 6th ed. 2019 (ClinicalKey)
The Renin-Angiotensin System and Progression of Renal Diseases (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.135) (Karger)
Retrograde Ureteroscopy/Geavlete, Petri?or 1st ed. 2016 (ClinicalKey)
Schrier's Diseases of the Kidney. 9th ed. (Books@OVID) *要LOGOFF
Sepsis, Kidney and Multiple Organ Dysfunction (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.144) (Karger)
Sexual Dysfunction : the Brain-Body Connection / volume editor, R. Balon (Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine ; v. 29) (Karger)
Sperm Competition in Humans; Classic and Contemporary Readings / Todd Shackelford and Nicholas Pound (SpringerLink)
Surgery for Urinary Incontinence: Female Pelvic Surgery Video Atlas Series/Karram, Mickey (ClinicalKey)
Textbook of Nephro-Endocrinology/Singh, Ajay K. 2nd ed. 2018 (ClinicalKey)
Urethral Reconstructive Surgery / F. Schreiter & G.H.Jordan (SpringerLink)
Urinary and Fecal Incontinence; An Interdisciplinary Approach / Horst-Dieter Becker et al. (SpringerLink)
Urinary Tract Infections (Issues in Infectious Diseases ; v.1) (Karger)
Urinary Tract / Karl-Erik Andersson & Martin C. Michel (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology v.202) (SpringerLink)
Urodynamics / Paul Abrams (SpringerLink)
Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery/Mark D. Walters, Mickey M. Karram 4th ed. (ClinicalKey)
Urogynecology; Evidence-Based Clinical Practice / Kate H. Moore (SpringerLink)
Urologic Surgery for the Gynecologist and Urogynecologist: Female Pelvic Surgery Video Atlas Series/Occhino, John A. et al. (ClinicalKey)
Urologic Surgical Pathology/Bostwick, David 3rd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Urological Cancers / Jonathan Waxman (SpringerLink)
Urological Emergencies in Clinical Practice / Hashim Hashim et al. (SpringerLink)
Urological Emergencies; A Practical Guide / Hunter Wessells & Jack W. McAninch (Current Clinical Urology) (SpringerLink)
Uropathology: High-Yield Pathology/Zhou, Ming (ClinicalKey)
Vander's Renal Physiology / Douglas C. Eaton, John P. Pooler (ACCESS Medicine) *要Sign Out
Vitamin E-Bonded Membrane (Contributions to Nephrology ; v.127) (Karger)
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