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Companion to psychiatric studies/edited by Eve C. Johnstone et al. 8th ed. (ClinicalKey)
Connectionism: A Hands-On Approach / Michael R.W.Dawson (Wiley)
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine ; v.26) (Karger)
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry in Japan (Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine ; v.23) (Karger)
Core psychiatry/edited by Pa?draig Wright,Julian Stern,Michael Phelan. 3rd ed. (ClinicalKey)
Cortical Deficits In Schizophrenia; From Genes to Function / Patricio O'Donnell (SpringerLink)
Cost Benefit Analysis of Heroin Maintenance Treatment (Medical Prescription of Narcotics ; v.2) (Karger)
Counseling Problem Gamblers (ScienceDirect)
Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice: Skills, Strategies, and Techniques / John Sommers-Flanagan et al. (EBSCOhost)
Counselling Athletes : Applying Reversal Theory / J. H. Kerr (EBSCOhost)
Creating Spiritual and Psychological Resilience : Integrating Care in disaster Relief Work / Grant H. Brenner et al. (EBSCOhost)
Cultural Psychiatry: Euro-International Perspectives (Key Issues in Mental Health ; no.169) (Karger)
Current Diagnosis & Treatment : Psychiatry (ACCESS Medicine) *要Sign Out
Dementia in Clinical Practice (Frontiers of Neurology and Neuroscience ; vol.24) (Karger)
Dementia Studies: a Social Science Perspective / Anthea Innes (EBSCOhost)
Dementia: Metamorphosis in Care / Claire Biernacki (EBSCOhost)
Depression in Later Life: A Multidisciplinary Psychiatric Approach / James M. Ellison & Sumer Verma (EBSCOhost)
Depression: From Psychopathology to Pharmacotherapy (Modern Trends in Pharmacopsychiatry ; v.27) (Karger)
A Dictionary of Hallucinations / Jan Dirk Blom (SpringerLink)
The Disorders / edited by Howard S. Friedman (ScienceDirect)
Doing What Works in Brief Therapy 2nd ed. (ScienceDirect)
Doing What Works in Brief Therapy (ScienceDirect)
Dopamine and Glutamate in Psychiatric Disorders / Werner J. Schmidt & Maarten E. A. Reith (SpringerLink)
Down Syndrome Across the Life Span / edited by Monica Cuskelly, Anne Jobling, and Susan Buckley (Wiley)
Drugs for Relapse Prevention of Alcoholism / Rainer Spanagel et al. (Milestones in Drugu Therapy) (SpringerLink)
Dual Diagnosis (Key Issues in Mental Health ; no.172) (Karger)
Neurobiology of Mental Illness (ProQuest Ebook Central)
Effective Brief Therapies: a Children's Guide / edited by Michel Hersen et al. (ScienceDirect)
Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology : A Transdiagnostic Approach to Etiology and Treatment / Ann M. Kring & Denise M. Sloan (EBSCOhost)
The Empathic Healer (ScienceDirect)
Encyclopedia of Psychological Trauma / Gilbert Reyes et al. (EBSCOhost)
The Environment; Its Role in Psychosocial Functioning and Psychotherapy / Carolyn Saari (EBSCOhost)
Epidemiology of Drug Abuse / Zili Sloboda (SpringerLink)
The Essence of Psychotherapy: Reinventing the Art in the New Era of Data (ScienceDirect)
Essentials of Psychiatry / Jerald Kay, Allan Tasman (Wiley)
Evaluating and Treating Adolescent Suidice Attempters (ScienceDirect)
Evidence-Based Adjunctive Treatments (ScienceDirect)
Evidence-Based Counseling and Psychotherapy for an Aging Population (ScienceDirect)
Family Art Therapy: Foundations of Theory and Practice / Christine Kerr (Family Therapy and Counseling Series) (EBSCOhost)
Forgiveness and the Healing Process: A Central Therapeutic Concern / Cynthia Ransley & Terri Spy (EBSCOhost)
Forms for the Therapist / Allan G. Hedberg (ScienceDirect)
Functional Analysis in Clinical Treatment / edited by Peter Sturmey (ScienceDirect)
Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine/Berry, Richard B. (ClinicalKey)
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Across the Lifespan: an Integrative Approach / Michael E. Portman (EBSCOhost)
Genetics of Mental Retardation: On Overview Encompassing Learning Disability and Intellectual Disability (Monographs in Human Genetics;vol.18) (Karger)
Glutamate-based Therapies for Psychiatric Disorders / Phil Skolnick (Milestones in Drug Therapy) (SpringerLink)
Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy: A Handbook for the Mental Health Practitioner / J. william Worden (EBSCOhost)
Guide to Neuropsychological Testing for Health Care Professionals / Eric R. Arzubi & Elisa Mambrino (EBSCOhost)
A Guide to Starting Psychotherapy Groups (ScienceDirect)
Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy 2nd ed. (ScienceDirect)

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