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A3 Adenosine Receptors from Cell Biology to Pharmacology and Therapeutics (SpringerLink)
Ab1 Family Kinases in Development and Disease / Anthony J. Koleske (Molecular Biology in Intelligence Unit) (SpringerLink)
Acceleration and Improvement of Protein Identification by Mass Spectrometry (SpringerLink)
Actin-Based Motility; Cellular, Molecular and Physical Aspects (SpringerLink)
Actin-Binding Proteins and Disease (SpringerLink)
Actin-Monomer-binding Proteins / Pekka Lappalainen (SpringerLink)
Acute Topics in Sport Nutrition (Medicine and Sport Science ; v.59) (Karger)
The ADAM Family of Proteases / Nigel M. Hooper & Uwe Lendeckel (Proteases in Biology and Disease v.4) (SpringerLink)
Adenosine Receptors in Health and Disease / Constance N. Wilson & S. Jamal Mustada (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology v.193) (SpringerLink)
Adhesion-GPCRs; Structure to Function / Simon Yona & Martin Stacey (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology v.706) (SpringerLink)
Adhesion Molecules; Function and Inhibition / Klaus Ley (Progress in Inflammation Research) (SpringerLink)
Adhesive Interactions in Normal and Transformed Cells / Yury A. Rovensky (SpringerLink)
Adult Stem Cells; Biology and Methods of Analysis / Donald G. Phinney (Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine) (SpringerLink)
Advances in Stem Cell Aging (Else Krö-Fresenius Sumposia ; v.3) (Karger)
Advances in TNF Family Research / David Wallach et al. (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology v.691) (SpringerLink)
Allosteric Regulatory Enzymes / Thomas Traut (SpringerLink)
Alternative Splicing and Disease (Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology v.44) (SpringerLink)
Amino Acid Biosynthesis (Microbiology Monographs v.5) (SpringerLink)
Amino-Acid Homopolymers Occurring in Nature (Microbiology Monographs v.15) (SpringerLink)
Analytics of Protein-DNA Interactions / Harald Seitz (Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology v.104) (SpringerLink)
Anatomy Ontologies for Bioinformatics; Principles and Practice (SpringerLink)
Antibody Expression and Production / Mohamed Al-Rubeai (Cell Engineering v.7) (SpringerLink)
Antimicrobial Peptides and Human Disease / William M. Shafer (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology v.306) (SpringerLink)
Apoptosis and Its Relevance to Autoimmunity (Current Directions in Autoimmunity ; vol.9) (Karger)
Apoptosis, Cell Signaling, and Human Diseases; Molecular Mechanisms, v.2 (SpringerLink)
Apoptosis; Involvement of Oxidative Stress and Intracellular Ca2+ Homeostasi (SpringerLink)
Apoptosome; An up-and-coming therapeutical tool (SpringerLink)
Apoptotic Chromatin Changes / Gaspar Banfalvi (SpringerLink)
Applications of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology (Focus on Biotechnology v.8B) (SpringerLink)
Applied Bioinformatics / Paul M. Selzer et al. (SpringerLink)
Applied Statistical Genetics with R; For Population-based Association Studies (SpringerLink)
The Aptamer Handbook; functional Oligonucleotides and TheirnApplications (Wiley)
Aquaporins (ProQuest Ebook Central)
Aquaporins (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology v.190) (SpringerLink)
Asymmetric Cell Division (Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology v.45) (SpringerLink)
Basic Methods for the Biochemical Lab / Martin Holtzhauer (SpringerLink)
BCL-2 Protein Family (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology v.687) (SpringerLink)
Beneficial Effects of Fish Oil on Human Brain (SpringerLink)
The Big Picture: Medical Biochemistry (ACCESS Medicine) *要Sign Out
Biocatalysis / A.S. Bommarius and B.R. Riebel (Wiley)
Biochemical Engineering; A Textbook for Engineers, Chemists and biologists / Shigeo Katoh & Fumitake Yoshida (Wiley)
Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation / Gerhard Krauss. 3rd ed. (Wiley)
Biochemistry 2nd ed. / Eugene C. Toy (EBSCOhost)
Bioenergetics (Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation v.45) (SpringerLink)
Bioinformatics; Applications in Life and Environmental Sciences (SpringerLink)
Bioinformatics Biocomputing and Perl / Michael Moorhouse & Paul Barry (Wiley)
Bioinformatics and the Cell; Modern Computational Approaches in Genomics, Proteomics and Transcriptomics (SpringerLink)
Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics 2nd ed. / Jonathan Pevsner (Wiley)
Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure II / Nikolay Kolchanov et al. (SpringerLink)
Bioinformatics Software Engineering; Delivering Effective Applications / Paul Weston (Wiley)

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